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I wanted to express how impressed I am with Berks & Beyond’s service. When I called you for a very large project, I also called two other services. Not only did Berks & Beyond provide the best rate, you also assured me that each shift Read More…

Jon Tinari, Senior Human Resources Representative, Associate Wholesalers, Inc.
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Ready to Work: Warehouse Manager in Reading, PA; Industrial Electrician in Pottstown, PA

Have a tough job to fill? Here are a few of Berks & Beyond’s top candidates. These individuals are experienced, motivated and ready to work for you: WAREHOUSE MANAGER / LOGISTICS COORDINATOR in Reading, PA Candidate Initials: P. O. Skills and Experience: This candidate has over 10 years of management experience with a leading beverage distributor,… Read more

Jul 17

Employee Recognition Doesn’t Matter (or does it?) 4 statistics that will make you rethink recognition

Think all that “touchy-feely” employee recognition stuff is just a waste of time and money? Think again. Countless research studies support the notion that acknowledging and rewarding employee performance is good business – improving everything from employee satisfaction to financial performance: Companies using strategic recognition are 48% more likely to report high engagement. (SHRM/Globoforce Employee… Read more

Jul 08

Religious Dress and Grooming in the Workplace: EEOC Guideline Updates

When an employee’s religion impacts the way he dresses or grooms himself for work, what’s the best way to address this sensitive issue? As a Title VII-protected class, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) prohibits you from discriminating, harassing or retaliating against job applicants and employees based on their religious beliefs and practices. This includes… Read more

Jul 01

5 Staffing Tips that Really Improve Business (#2 will make your employees smile!)

As our economy continues to improve, the companies that are the most innovate, efficient and agile stand the most to gain. In times like these, a staffing firm is a great partner to have. True, we can provide coverage for those last-minute fill-ins you need; but if that’s all you’re using us for, you may… Read more

Jun 24

When it Comes to Employee Retention, the “Little Things” Matter

In friendship and love, the “little things” often make a big difference. A smile, a door opened or a kind word can go a long way toward building a relationship. Conversely, a snide remark or an unreturned phone call can undermine the bond between you and another person. The “little things” matter in employment relationships,… Read more

Jun 17