Berks Successes!

After being laid off, I found myself out of work and in need of a job quickly. After filling out my application and meeting with a Berks & Beyond representative, they found a me a job that was a perfect fit. I worked with Berks & Beyond for about 4 months, until my temporary job turned into permanent employment. Berks & Beyond answered all questions I had and were very accommodating with anything I needed. They helped me out when I needed it.

Edward Conover, Allentown

I wanted to work a part-time job while attending school. Berks & Beyond found me an office clerk position that allowed me flexibility with my school schedule. I enjoy working with Berks & Beyond. They have always been pleasant and easy to work with. The best part of my experience is that my part-time position has now turned into a full-time position opportunity since my graduation from college!

Julie Price, Reading

They Stuck by Me

My time at Berks and Beyond has been great. They have helped me find many jobs in the past year, including the one I’m at now. It takes some time to find the right one for each person but they stuck by me until it was done. I just want to say thanks for everything.

Jonathan Feltman

My experience with Berks & Beyond has been very pleasant. The staff is very courteous and friendly. I was able to obtain employment in a timely manner! I have recommended Berks & Beyond to many people and the staff has always helped them out.

Michael Willams, Pottstown

They Placed Me in the Right Position

This company has the best work environment. I have made so many different new friends. I even got back in touch with some people from my high school. I enjoy my job; it’s simple yet serves a purpose since we work as a group. Everyone is helpful and this helps make every day go smoothly.  After spending months looking for a job on my own with no luck, I received a call from Berks & Beyond. I’m glad I picked up the phone! They worked around my schedule and placed me in the right position.

Oscar Sandoval

Working with staff helped me a lot with my people skills. I learned lots of things here at Godiva, including how to run the shrink machine, and although it was tough, I did it. And I enjoy my job. Penny Milligan is an awesome manager.


They Gave Me a New Start

When I first moved here from Puerto Rico, I had a difficult time finding steady work that would allow for me to provide for my family.  After working for a couple of different staffing companies, I went and signed up with Berks and Beyond.  As soon as I completed my application, I felt right at home.  The staff was very helpful and found me a steady job at a good company in no time!  Since signing up with Berks and Beyond, I have been at the same job for almost three months now. I am very glad that I made the decision to join the team.

Daniel Pena

(Berks & Beyond is) the only employment service in this town that really tries to keep people employed. Thanks! I know you guys don’t get enough credit from us employees.

Pedro Morales

Thank you for getting me this job. I love the job and the people I work with at IFS Industries. This job is a great fit for me and I am looking forward to my future with IFS Industries.

Rachel Shelford

[From our Staffing Firm in Reading, PA]

“Thank you for helping me find a great job with great people to work with.”

Vicki Ambrose