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At Berks & Beyond, we treat people like, well … people.

Your goals. Your dreams. Our job is to help you find the right job­ – one that suits your skills… and gives you what you want.

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We even recruit executives, so whether you’re used to leading the troops or working on the front lines, we have opportunities for you.

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  • Skilled Trades

We work with great local companies. And we have jobs you won’t find anywhere else!

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Once we've gotten to know you better, we can match you with opportunities that are a terrific fit for you.


Mission Possible: Transforming a temporary assignment into a permanent job

Many of our employees love the variety and flexibility temporary employment affords them. They can try out different jobs, control their own schedules and diversify their skills – all while earning good money. But others see temporary work purely as a means to an end. These field associates are looking for direct jobs with employers… Read more

Aug 19


Berks & Beyond Named “Best Place to Work” by The Sentinel   Wyomissing, PA – Berks and Beyond Employment Services, Inc. is pleased to announce that they won second place in The Sentinel’s 12th annual Best Places to Work contest for the Employment Agency category. This is a special award for the leading Central and… Read more

Aug 07

Four Things You Should Be Doing if You’re Still Unemployed

You’ve been on the job hunt for weeks. But when you’re out of work, even a few days can feel like an eternity. At Berks & Beyond, we know that an extended job search takes its toll on your resume, your wallet and your confidence. But getting down on yourself isn’t the answer. Now is… Read more

Aug 05

What’s “Egosurfing” – and How Can It Benefit Your Job Search?

The smartest way to manage your online reputation? Go surfing! “Egosurfing” (also known as self-Googling or vanity searching) is typing your name into a search engine to see what pops up. It sounds a little vain, but it’s essential if you’re currently looking for a job. Why? This simple act can help you manage your… Read more

Aug 01

Get Your Berks On: Things to Do in Reading, PA

Have plans for the weekend? Still looking for ideas? The Greater Reading area does not disappoint. Check out these fun things to do in Reading PA – indoors and out – courtesy of Berks & Beyond: ______________________________________________________________ 2014 Reading Air Fest Reading Regional Airport 119c Air Museum Drive, Reading Dates: Saturday and Sunday, July 26th… Read more

Jul 24