We don’t mean that literally – we love it when you call us with staffing requests (or just to say “hello!”).

But “alone time” is something your employees may need more of, to keep their productivity and performance high.

In recent years, more offices have adopted a “communal” workplace concept, featuring open layouts and common work areas in an attempt to attract fresh talent and spur creativity. In some cases, however, the idea is backfiring. Employees who work in these open environments are becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of privacy, higher noise levels and continual distractions.

In fact, a 2013 survey by Gensler (a global design firm) shows that:

  • Over two-thirds of American employees are dissatisfied with noise levels at work
  • 53% of those surveyed said that other people disturb them when they try to focus.
  • Employees are spending more time on focus work now than they did 5 years ago (54% now vs. 48% then), which suggests an even greater need for “alone time” now.

The writing is on the wall (or maybe on the ceiling, if your workplace has knocked out its walls): most office employees need the time and their own place to do their best work. Use these tips from our Levittown employment agency to help your employees carve out more “me” time:

  • Encourage a “morning routine.” Build a culture where it’s permissible for employees to take five minutes at the start of the work day to grab a cup of coffee or tea. Employees can use these first few minutes to get mentally prepared for the day’s tasks.
  • Try “microbursts.” A microburst is a small change of activity that has a huge payoff in terms of energy and productivity. Teach your employees how to take a minute or two for themselves, at regular intervals throughout the day, to renew their focus and boost performance. Simple things like stretching or making a brief personal phone call can make a big difference; just make sure employees commit fully to the change of activity – and keep the break brief (two minutes or less).
  • Allow employees to “go off the grid.” Create a policy for focus work. When work requires high levels of concentration from employees, make it okay for them to close their instant messaging and email, set their phone to DND to block out preventable distractions.
  • Lead by example. Your employees will model your behavior, so make sure you carve out “alone time” when you need it, too.
  • Provide the temporary support employees need. When things get busy, Berks & Beyond is ready to provide the extra help your team needs to stay productive and focused – especially through the summer months! Give our Levittown employment agency a call, or contact your local Berks & Beyond staffing office.


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