The Problem:

A Fredricksburg distribution center was looking for better ways to simplify temporary employee call-offs and improve work attendance.

In their work environment, having adequate staff coverage was critical. So rather than tackling the issue himself, the Plant Manager turned to Berks & Beyond’s Lebanon employment agency for help.

The Solution:

Berks & Beyond understood how important attendance and proper call-offs were to this client. So, we implemented the following solution to help turn things around:

  1. We re-communicated the client’s time and attendance expectations, as well as our own, in person to each employee on assignment there.
  2. To ensure compliance moving forward, our coordinator issued verbal warnings regarding consequences to each employee who failed to follow policies.
  3. Temporary employees were required to call-off with both Berks & Beyond and our client.
  4. We kept an attendance log for each of our employees.

The Results:

Since communicating in-person with temporary employees and implementing the new policies, attendance and call-off procedures have been followed over 90% of the time.

The Plant Manager for this distribution center is very satisfied with attendance, our staffing services and our business relationship – and he looks forward to strengthening that relationship in the future.

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