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[From our Staffing Firm in Reading, PA] “Thank you for helping me find a great job with great people to work with.”

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Jan 29

Clap Along: 4 ways to be happier at work

Are you one of those people who’s always smiling at the office, sharing your positive energy with co-workers? Then you can skip this post! But if you’re like the vast majority of American workers who are, let’s just say, “less than thrilled” to be at work right now, check out these simple tips from our… Read more

Jan 27

Now You See ‘Em…Now You Don’t: Tips for developing and KEEPING millennial employees

We have a problem. More specifically, we have a millennial retention problem. Change-tolerant and used to managing their own careers, millennials are more likely than previous generations to “job hop.” In fact, changing jobs every few years is one of the primary ways this group fuels their career progression. And with job prospects continuing to… Read more

Jan 22

Bundle Up and Explore! Things to do in Carlisle, PA

What’s the best way to beat the winter blues in Cumberland Valley? Get creative – and try something new! If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these fun and unique things to do in Carlisle, PA. Whether you prefer to stay indoors and experience a little culture or get outside and explore nature, our area… Read more

Jan 20

Are You Taking “Dress for Success” Too Seriously?

She really needs a haircut. His shoes look like they’ve seen years of combat. Her shirt? It has to be from the 1970’s. It may be human nature to make judgments about an employee’s appearance, and a company dress code may be a good idea for your business. After all, setting standards for the way… Read more

Jan 15

Ready to Work: Data Entry/Clerical Worker in Allentown, PA; Warehouse Supervisor in Camp Hill, PA; Warehouse Manager in Camp Hill, PA

Need help in your warehouse? Here are a few of Berks & Beyond’s top candidates. These individuals are experienced, motivated and ready to work for you: DATA ENTRY / CLERICAL WORKER in Allentown, PA Candidate Initials: C. D. Skills and Experience:  Bilingual candidate with excellent computer and phone skills seeks a data entry/clerical position in… Read more

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