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[From our Staffing Firm in Reading, PA] “Thank you for helping me find a great job with great people to work with.”

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Jun 25

BAM!!! Five Fascinating Fireworks Facts

July 4th is just around the corner. To get you in the spirit of the holiday, our Reading employment agency did a little research and found 5 fun facts about how fireworks originated. A Brief History of Fireworks – (what we like to call “The Big BAM Theory”) 1. Invention of gunpowder. Gunpowder, the explosive… Read more

Jun 23

So, What Do All These Employment Stats Really Mean?

Feel like you need a master’s degree in economics to decode employment data? With cryptic terms like “civilian labor force participation rate,” “total seasonally adjusted nonfarm payroll” and “alternative measures of labor underutilization,” it’s no wonder. In all fairness, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) provides a wealth of timely information to help your business…. Read more

Jun 18

Is That Candidate Irresponsible? Disloyal? Or Your Next Great Hire?

At the height of the Great Recession, US workers were thankful to have jobs – and held onto them for dear life. What a difference a few years makes! In today’s market, it’s not unusual to encounter candidates who change jobs frequently. But is regular job-change a sign of ambition – or is it just… Read more

Jun 16

Leave Me Alone!

We don’t mean that literally – we love it when you call us with staffing requests (or just to say “hello!”). But “alone time” is something your employees may need more of, to keep their productivity and performance high. In recent years, more offices have adopted a “communal” workplace concept, featuring open layouts and common… Read more

Jun 11

Ready to Work: Recruiting Specialist / HR Generalist in Reading PA; Machine Operator / Picker/Packer in Camp Hill PA

Need help with a project or assignment? Growing your team? Here are two of Berks & Beyond’s top candidates. These individuals are experienced, motivated and ready to work for you: RECRUITING SPECIALIST / HR GENERALIST in Reading PA Candidate Initials: D. H. Skills and Experience:  With a master’s degree and 15 years of staffing and… Read more

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